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Welcome to the Offers page!

I have a range of ways to be in my world, to suit all levels of time and financial capacity.

Trial Session

Trial sessions are for those who are currently looking to invest in coaching support, and would like to experience my style and approach. 

This is a 1hr session by application.

Traded Session


In 2017 I wrote and published a fiction novel, Crash and Burn.

As you may be aware, Amazon doesn’t recommend a novel to potential readers unless it has a LOT of reviews. So for a limited time I am trading 1 coaching session per review.

Simply follow me on Instagram, share a picture of my book with your positive, published Amazon review and tag me in it so that I can send you a link to book.

INSIGHT is Sarah’s high-touch, low-cost, subscription-based group coaching experience. Twice per month the group Zoom room is open for 2hrs and any member can come and receive expert, personalised coaching in a supportive community.

The biggest benefit to a group coaching program is that humans all share similar struggles (financial, relationships, self-perception etc) and watching someone else be coached to a breakthrough can be an extremely powerful way to shift your own perspectives and expand your understanding of what’s possible.
INSIGHT is perfect for anyone who is looking for outstanding results in their personal and professional lives, anyone experiencing Survival Patterns such as procrastination, perfectionism, overwhelm, or indecision… and of course emerging coaches who are looking to improve their skills and experience in group coaching environments.

In addition to high-level coaching at an entry-level price, INSIGHT also has guest speakers and bonus trainings, making it one of the highest-ROI coaching options available.

If you happen to miss a call, recordings are provided and the private FB group is open for written/video support 24/7.

INSIGHT is currently only AUD$150/month – if you’re ready to jump in you can subscribe here and if you would prefer to speak to Sarah first you can message her here

Private coaching

In the last 6 years I have helped people

  • quit their job and travel the world,
  • repair and advance relationships,
  • shift their business from the brink of bankruptcy to millions in venture capital,
  • take their weekly working hours from 60 to 16 with no drop in revenue,
  • lose a hundred pounds without an exercise regimen, and
  • tick off incredible bucket list items like publishing novels and getting on a billboard in Times Square.

You’re probably wondering: How is that possible if you’re not a venture capitalist, a nutritionist, a marketing specialist or a PR guru…?

It’s simple:

I adjust the way your brain works so that expressing your potential comes more easily to you.

My clients are intelligent, capable adults – often experts in their chosen field. They don’t need me to school them or hype them up with motivational platitudes.

What they do need, is for their brain and body to be running systems that are in alignment with their goals.

Sometimes people ask me, ‘what will we be doing in each session? What is the process?’ And the answer is: It’s different for each person.

Because we all have unique backgrounds, goals, and tolerances, a coaching container is unique to each client.
I typically start by getting an overview of your current personality structure. Once we know what you’re made of, we can see more clearly why your current programming isn’t producing the outcomes you want, and start to make strategic adjustments.
From there, we use each session to go deeper into what’s powering your current reality. Working at this level can be an emotional experience and it’s not uncommon for a client to experience catharsis (tears, warmth, exhilaration) with this depth of clarity.

Because each program that we uncover will have expressions in every area of your life, coaching tends to produce mind-blowingly rapid and widespread results:

Healing one small psychological wound can have a profound impact on your relationships, your work performance, your friend dynamics and your overall health and wellbeing at the same time.
And because you will be learning how to change your brain as we go, your results are not only exponential, but they continue long after the contract is over. Because you’ll have the skills to change your own brain, you can make improvements anytime you like!
In addition, there is a teaching component to coaching. I will show you how to manage and manipulate your own emotional state so that you’re no longer crippled by triggers or fears, and can make intelligent decisions even in emotionally vulnerable situations.

But what if you don’t actually have a goal, or don’t know what you want? What if you’ve been taking care of others for so long that you couldn’t even tell me what you like or need?

I’ve worked extensively with caretakers, codependents and the chronically-under-supported and what I want you to know is this:
If you cannot clearly articulate your wants and desires, it is of vital importance that you hire a coach. Not only do you not need a goal for a good coach to be able to work their magic, but the fact that you’re disconnected from your own needs must be addressed, for your own health and the health of all your relationships.
It’s easy to book a free, no-obligation discovery call with me if you’d like to meet. You can ask questions, sample the coaching process and see if you enjoy my communication style.

Private coaching

Private Container

Up to 3 1hr zoom sessions per month, in the first 3wks of the month.

In between sessions you have effectively unlimited access to me via Voxer (voicemail app) for implementation support, questions and celebrations.

Investment: 2,000 per month.

Minimum 3months

Maintenance Container

(Graduates only)

1 1hr zoom session per month + effectively unlimited voicemail support

Investment: 1,200 per month.

No Minimum Term



No. I don’t offer contracts to people unless I’ve evaluated the desired transformation and am confident I can perform the work required. All private contracts are therefore by application.

Access to Insight IS available to purchase by anyone at any time because participation and deep work are not a requirement of the container.

Yes. 100%. I don’t record sessions because people share incredibly deep parts of their life and soul with me and it’s important to me that they feel safe doing so. There is a clause in my contract that allows me to anonymously share lessons / breakthroughs for training and marketing purposes, and I’m happy to take questions regarding that if you have concerns or amendments. 

I have adhered to NDAs for celebrity clients in the past and have no problem signing additional paperwork to my own should circumstance require it. 

I have offerings at every price point (free / low cost / investment) and am open to negotiation on a case by case basis. Please use the client application section for your proposal / request.

I earned my coaching certificates via the Robbins-Madanes Institute, and am certified as an Integrative Lifecoach and Change-Worker by Master Coach Simone Seol and Master Hypnotist Melissa Tiers.

In addition, I am NLP trained by Anita Koslowski (Canada) and have undertaken substantial training with Mastin Kipp – the inventor of Functional Life Coaching.

I have a degree in Health Science, a post-grad in Business and prior to opening my own company as a coach in 2017 I did 10yrs in corporate (Executive – Risk Management) across Oil & Gas, Heavy Construction and Shipping.

My trauma experience comes from being raised by an alcoholic with NPD, and the journey I personally went on to free myself from codependency, anxiety and depression.

I personally have ADHD and cPTSD so I am comfortable working with neurodivergents, however as the expression of such varies so greatly, I encourage everyone to apply for a trial session at no cost to establish rapport.

No – I work with everyone. You may be asking this because my testimonials are mostly women. That’s because when I ask for a coaching testimonial from my male clients I usually get something akin to this:

Sarah is a shredder of snow and souls, the female Ricky Gervais of takedowns, and all around great person to help unfuck yourself.”

…Thanks Dave.

No. My contracts state that the service is not refundable for 2 reasons.

  1. Coaching does not override your free will. You are in control of how you show up, what you implement, and how much you utilize my support and therefore the results you get are determined for the most part by you.

  2. At various points in a coaching journey, you will hit ‘edges’. Points at which it feels either scary or difficult to continue. If, at that point, you could just say ‘I quit! Refund me the rest!’ There would be zero accountability and no point to the coaching container.

People quit on themselves without support ALL. THE. TIME. Having a coach means actually having someone in your corner that can get you over those speedbumps in one piece. My job as a coach is to hold you to the standard of your potential and guide you to what you’re truly capable of. That service is the MOST valuable right when you want to quit.