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Welcome to the Offers page!

I have a range of ways to be in my world, to suit all levels of time and financial capacity.

Trial Session

Trial sessions are for those who are currently looking to invest in coaching support, and would like to experience my style and approach. 

This is a 1hr session by application.

Traded Session


In 2017 I wrote and published a fiction novel, Crash and Burn.

As you may be aware, Amazon doesn’t recommend a novel to potential readers unless it has a LOT of reviews. So for a limited time I am trading 1 coaching session per review.

Simply follow me on Instagram, share a picture of my book with your positive, published Amazon review and tag me in it so that I can send you a link to book.


Insight is my group coaching offer for people looking for consistent support, inspiring community and personal attention at a lower price point.

Insight is currently in development, join the mailing list to be notified when it goes live.

Private coaching

1-1 coaching has been my signature offer for 6yrs and it is to-date my favourite way to work with people. 

In a private coaching container, we are able to decode and extract the programming that determines your outcomes and make the adjustments necessary to bring about the transformation you desire. 

My work is a blend of updating core programming and in-the-moment brain modifications that make the formerly impossible, possible (!) giving you back control over your emotions, your triggers, your direction… In short, your whole life.


Please note, coaching is not like having a trainer supervise and motivate you. Because the changes we make are permanent (for as long as you want them), the insights and benefits extend long past the completion of our time together. 

My coaching and teaching style does not foster dependency; however if you are enjoying the progress and momentum that support inevitably provides, you are welcome to move to a maintenance contract.

Private coaching

Private Container

Up to 3 1hr zoom sessions per month, in the first 3wks of the month.

In between sessions you have effectively unlimited access to me via Voxer (voicemail app) for implementation support, questions and celebrations.

Investment: USD 2,000 per month.

Minimum 3months

Maintenance Container

(Graduates only)

1 1hr zoom session per month + effectively unlimited voicemail support

Investment: USD 1,200 per month.

No Minimum Term



No. I don’t offer contracts to people unless I’ve evaluated the desired transformation and am confident I can perform the work required. All private contracts are therefore by application.

Access to Insight IS available to purchase by anyone at any time because participation and deep work are not a requirement of the container.

Yes. 100%. I don’t record sessions because people share incredibly deep parts of their life and soul with me and it’s important to me that they feel safe doing so. There is a clause in my contract that allows me to anonymously share lessons / breakthroughs for training and marketing purposes, and I’m happy to take questions regarding that if you have concerns or amendments. 

I have adhered to NDAs for celebrity clients in the past and have no problem signing additional paperwork to my own should circumstance require it. 

I have offerings at every price point (free / low cost / investment) and am open to negotiation on a case by case basis. Please use the client application section for your proposal / request.

I earned my coaching certificates via the Robbins-Madanes Institute, and the BFCC program by Master Coach Simone Seol and Master Hypnotist Melissa Tiers.

In addition, I am NLP trained by Anita Koslowski (Canada) and have undertaken substantial training with Mastin Kipp – the inventor of Functional Life Coaching.

I have a degree in Health Science, a post-grad in Business and prior to opening my own company as a coach in 2017 I did 10yrs in corporate (Executive – Risk Management) across Oil & Gas, Heavy Construction and Shipping.

My trauma experience comes from being raised by an alcoholic with NPD, and the journey I personally went on to free myself from codependency, anxiety and depression.

I personally have ADHD and cPTSD so I am comfortable working with neurodivergents, however as the expression of such varies so greatly, I encourage everyone to apply for a trial session at no cost to establish rapport.

No – I work with everyone. You may be asking this because my testimonials are mostly women. That’s because when I ask for a coaching testimonial from my male clients I usually get something akin to this:

Sarah is a shredder of snow and souls, the female Ricky Gervais of takedowns, and all around great person to help unfuck yourself.”

…Thanks Dave.

No. My contracts state that the service is not refundable for 2 reasons.

  1. Coaching does not override your free will. You are in control of how you show up, what you implement, and how much you utilize my support and therefore the results you get are determined for the most part by you.

  2. At various points in a coaching journey, you will hit ‘edges’. Points at which it feels either scary or difficult to continue. If, at that point, you could just say ‘I quit! Refund me the rest!’ There would be zero accountability and no point to the coaching container.

People quit on themselves without support ALL. THE. TIME. Having a coach means actually having someone in your corner that can get you over those speedbumps in one piece. My job as a coach is to hold you to the standard of your potential and guide you to what you’re truly capable of. That service is the MOST valuable right when you want to quit.