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Welcome to a corporate event experience like no other.

Sarah Reilly Coaching has created a 6 module program immersive and interactive experience that not only provides high-end training in personal and professional mastery, but supports employees in every area of their life – from family stressors to career clarity.

Really loving this course, and am so happy we invested in this, it’s different, and more focused on our personal wellbeing which in turn improves our overall performance in life as a whole. Love it.

Why bring a lifecoach into a corporate environment?

Because: Staff are people. And people bring themselves wherever they go.

It would be interesting if we could leave our biases and our trauma and our filters and our quirks in the carpark and come into work as clear, logical, 100% professional robots each day… but we can’t.

And the programming that we have, has expressions in every area of our life.

  • Self-esteem issues don’t just affect our romantic relationships; they impact how we show up in our career.

  • The negative influence of family trauma doesn’t just affect our personal lives; it also shows up in how we manage stressors in the office.

  • Who we learned to be in the environment that we grew up in, influences our professional potential just as strongly as our personal potential…

  • And the coping mechanisms we learned as children stay with us until we manually adjust them, which means you will see them limit your staff’s efficacy and mobility until they are supported in upgrading them.

So if staff retention, optimal performance, mental health, more efficient conflict resolution, presenteeism, loyalty, and avoiding burnout are relevant to your business, this course should be the no.1 priority for your top performers.

Thank you so much for making me a part of this program! I have personally benefitted from this program and have shared my experience with my colleagues in our Melbourne West branch. I have also personally thanked the senior managers who approved this program. I would love to share my experience tomorrow if there is room for an additional speaker and I thank Sarah for helping me.

During their employment with you, people are going to experience:

  • Conflicts in the office
  • Relationship breakups
  • Fluctuations in staffing levels
  • Infirm family members
  • Interest-rate fluctuations
  • Promotions and demotions
  • Behavioral issues with their children
  • Layoffs
  • Injuries
  • Pay fluctuations
  • Periods of poor sleep
  • Conflicts with their manager(s)
  • Personal direction and identity crises
  • In-laws coming to stay
  • Changes to their responsibilities
  • Market instability
  • Seasonal depression
  • Breaks in their routine

…and many other common, human experiences that will necessarily impact their performance.

As an employer you can’t control their personal lives or what their self-care looks like… But what you CAN do, is equip them to see and act beyond the limitations and difficulties of their environment.

And this is what my 6 module program is designed to facilitate.

This course has been amazing and I really enjoyed the contents and how Sarah delivered it.
For me it helped balance my work life and personal life.
I was struggling with my workload and was always working at home in the evenings.
This made me spend less time with my wife and 7 month old. After going through this course and especially with the one-on-one support sessions, Sarah was able to figure out why I work like this! We were able to change my thought processes and brain function and now I am able to complete my work during work hours and spend good quality time with my family.

I don’t even stress about work at all anymore. (I shocked myself). In terms of work, it has helped me a lot with productivity. No more procrastination and no more wasting time on difficult conversations. Get it done and move on, which has given me back so more time in my day.

The SRC 6-week corporate training event is a 6-module program developed after 6yrs of intensive work with executives, entrepreneurs, business owners and creatives achieving seemingly impossible goals, such as:

…and more.


While coaching itself cannot be ‘cookie-cutter’ due to variances in clients’ backgrounds and neurological filters…

There are certain skills and learnings that are considered a staple for any type of transformation.

These have been distilled, unpacked and strategically ordered for this experience, so that they may be delivered in a cohesive and efficient training container.

The training modules are as follows:

In the first module, we are looking to identify the conflicts in success messaging that have your staff chasing things that don’t fulfill them, and seeking various forms of validation outside themselves that ultimately won’t create joy or satisfaction.

We live in a society that pushes KPIs for success that rarely match individuals’ personal templates for happiness, and so disconnecting external stimulus from internal sensation is a critical concept to open with.

We’ll be discussing internal conflict and programming, inefficient focus areas, common pitfalls with outsourcing, a new perspective on authenticity and honesty, and get them to understand the difference, in practice, between survival and thriving.


Proposed Return On Investment (PROI):

Staff on a long-term path to someone else’s definition of success produce diminishing returns and build resentment, which leads to unnecessary levels of in-office conflict and under-performance.

Teaching people to separate reactivity and unwanted influence puts them back in the driver’s seat, which improves intrinsic motivation, communication and perception of progress. In short, they’ll feel like they’re actually making progress towards the life they envision whilst employed with you.

In the second module, we are getting into physical sensation and messaging within the body. It’s necessary to get into the relevant biology here for 2 reasons:

  1. To prepare them for the depth of training involved in the next 2 modules, and
  2. To reframe old assumptions about how their physiology impacts their professional capacity.


An ‘empowered’ nervous system is the result of understanding, communication, compassion and reframing sensation so that a person can make quantum leaps in their reality without being held back by physiological barriers, e.g. anxiety, nervousness, nausea, racing thoughts and shame spirals etc.



Humans are a survival-oriented species that create fixed neural loops for activities and perspectives that are deemed ‘safe’. Much of what you’ll ask of a high-level employee will conflict with the most common neural loops formed in childhood, and the staff member will likely experience the conflict as a manifested ‘bad habit’ such as procrastination, perfectionism, imposter syndrome, distraction, confusion and other expressions of underperformance.

If I can teach your staff to identify and translate internal signals, it can prevent poor performance by removing the core reason for the pattern at the source.

In the third module, I explain how emotions are created, managed and manipulated within the body. I include training on triggers and how to heal them, and we specifically address the sensation of ‘stuck’ – what it means and how to move past it.

In the second half we’ll get into the biology of belief and learn to distinguish between an authentic expression and a trigger-loop.



Being reactive to one’s environment is a sure-fire way to perpetuate symptoms of anxiety and unnecessary levels of stress. Aside from the HR, presenteeism and retention nightmares associated with that, being unaware of personal triggers and the way that our body creates and experiences emotions leads to tension, miscommunication and the misperception of stagnation.

In order for your workplace to be perceived as an employer of choice, staff need to associate feelings of growth, respect, potential and belonging with both the company and their immediate reports; this is only possible if the staff in question are conscious of their programming, wounds, reactions and filters.

In the fourth module, I break down the components of a personality so that staff are able to dis-identify with the qualities and traits that have held them back thus far. Because our reality is a projection of (and filtered by) the programming within which our system operates, I teach staff how to reverse engineer their own filters and assumptions, which enables them to steer their lived experience from an empowered and intentional state.

We address misconceptions around personal responsibility to account for anyone that is missing targets due to fears around blame and/or responsibility, and teach the process for installing whatever coding would create the outcome they’re aiming to achieve.

The key benefit of this method is that it doesn’t involve telling staff ‘what to do’ or ‘how to live’ – rather it puts the ball back in their court with regard to direction and seeks to improve personal investment in their career path. All modules are relevant and valuable for staff with people-pleasing tendencies, but this one is particularly valuable for those with a more passive approach to their own success.



Programming in a human shows up in every environment. The same codes that create massive arguments at home will be behind conflict and sub-optimal reactions in the workplace. We can work on surface level issues like opinions and behaviours forever but if we want to see sustainable, tangible change, we need to look deeper; we need to know what models of reality are filtering the person’s experience.

More importantly, we need that person to be able to find and articulate them so that they can be adjusted when they become problematic. True conflict resolution and behaviour modification are only possible when the person can identify their core drivers and learn to meet those needs in a way that better serves them and the community in which they operate.

This module is a proprietary training that was borne out of noticing a debilitating pattern that affects, at some level, every private client I’ve ever had. All coping strategies developed in our formative years have downsides in our current life because they simply weren’t designed to manage our adult environment or relationships, however the mental process of strategic self-victimization is arguably the most damaging.


It remains prevalent and pervasive because it is effective; however, the impact on performance in every area is vast and intense.


This module is presented towards the end of the program once people have learned extensively about how they operate for a reason; it involves honest and confronting conversations about how we hold ourselves back, how we construct narratives that enable us to blame our outside environment, and how we use manipulation and emotion to pander to childhood wounds. It is not for the faint-hearted, but for those who are prepared to listen and implement, this module alone can change lives.


(Note: while it sounds intense, this module consistently rates as the favourite in participant satisfaction surveys.)



Empowered staff take responsibility for development and problem-solving. Staff who perceive themselves as the ‘hero’ in their story are exhilarated by the opportunities inherent in perceived barriers, rather than debilitated by them. Staff who can identify and shift self-victimizing behaviour avoid unnecessary conflict, make consistent progress and experience less stress than the average employee. And staff who take a proactive approach to their journey at your company rarely feel overlooked or misunderstood. Getting a handle on this particular behaviour can improve health and morale across the board.

Human beings are inter-relationally dependent and our systems react strongly to the perception of disconnection in all its forms. One of the most common (yet unconscious) fears with personal development is the idea of out-growing our peers and loved ones.

In this module we talk about how to communicate your personal changes and boundaries from a place of embodiment rather than preaching. Our goal is to use the learnings to improve our relationships in all areas, rather than egoically separate ourselves further.

In addition, the celebratory aspect of this module is designed specifically to help integrate and cement ‘the new normal’ and allow staff to practice experiencing pride and accomplishment. This may not sound like something most adults would need a safe space to attempt, but you would be shocked to know how many high-achievers operate from ‘never good enough’ coding, and therefore never experience satisfaction, regardless of what you offer in contract.


No staff training is a worthy investment if it is used to create separation. The ability to integrate personal change into the workplace without staff feeling condescended to or ousted is a skill that can be taught. If you can offer staff a training that elevates every area of their life without creating division or tension, you will have created a workplace environment where everyone benefits from the investment in a few.

Furthermore, the ability to feel success and achievement at your company can generate more empathy and loyalty towards the company, which will likely improve retention.

Thank you very much for having me on the program. I found it very helpful and I feel positive about making changes to my work habits.

My favourite thing that I took out of this program is how I define success.

Being a < ROLE > for 10 years, I believed success was only for those who had won the No.1 title in our industry. I looked at them and believed they had to work non-stop to achieve that. I then mirrored the same effort, believing that for me to be successful I had to work myself to death. After coaching with Sarah, I learned that this tendency is related to my programming. It is not necessarily true that to be successful I have to work non-stop and sacrifice all my family time. I was working 12hr days because I believed I had to, and I had structured my schedule around that belief. Since I’ve been able to move on from that I use my time more effectively to complete tasks, which has freed me up to enjoy the rest of my life – my relationships, my family… exercise and hobbies.

Now every time I log onto work, I actively manage my time so that I can still look after myself. I find that I work more effectively and am completing tasks faster. I have also stopped needing to work nights which is good because the quality of my work goes down when I’m exhausted.

There are 3 ways you can purchase the program, depending on how much support you want to provide for your staff.

Participants receive a 90min training once a week for 6wks, at a day/time that best suits your company’s schedule, plus an introductory session a week prior to starting, to ensure they understand the proposed trainings and context around it.

Participants receive a 90min training once a week for 6wks, at a day/time that best suits your company’s schedule, plus an introductory session a week prior to starting, to ensure they understand the proposed trainings and context around it.

In addition, they also receive a private coaching call to address how their learnings impacted them personally, and to resolve any breakthroughs or conflicts or questions that arose from that information.

Private coaching calls are 100% confidential and no feedback is given to the employer regarding content or impressions.

Participants receive a 90min training once a week for 6wks, at a day/time that best suits your company’s schedule, plus an introductory session a week prior to starting, to ensure they understand the proposed trainings and context around it.

In addition, they also receive 1 month of private coaching support (3x 1-1 calls + unlimited voicemail support for implementation) to address how their learnings impacted them personally, and to create momentum around any other changes they’re making as a result of the trainings.

Private coaching calls are 100% confidential and no feedback is given to the employer regarding content or impressions.

Interested to discuss what this might look like for your company?



I don’t separate the two because we bring our whole selves to work. The key to getting better professional performance out of people is addressing who they are and how they work, personally.

There is no minimum, but at least 5 means there is good conversation and interaction which improves the learning experience. I have taught up to 30 per class but a typical class size is 12-15.

Either via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This allows for maximum accessibility with minimum coordination and resource requirements. People can dial in from wherever is appropriate for them.

Being on camera is STRONGLY recommended, and I use a large screen to see everyone at once so that I can monitor comprehension and reaction as I go.

All of them.

I am based in Sydney, Australia. The USA is very simple – your afternoon is my morning. Europe is a little more finickity but not impossible with sufficient notice.

Because every company I’ve run it in prefers to give it their own name, in accordance with their branding, image, and personal goals for the program.

We decide together how it will be communicated to staff if we decide to go ahead with a delivery contract.

Coaching as a modality is, effectively, sustained and controlled triggering. This means that the information presented is in opposition to traditional (reactive) ways of thinking.

The benefit of this is that we are looking to make real, in-depth, sustainable and structural change to people’s perspectives and potential that has exponential ROI in terms of personal and professional satisfaction and performance.

The obvious downside is that it is rarely well-received by people who do not lean towards introspection, personal responsibility and open-mindedness.

Therefore: the management are strongly encouraged to deliberately choose staff who express a personal willingness and excitement for the material. No-one is to be ‘voluntold’.

I don’t, no. However I can provide a survey template if you need it.

Past clients have typically charged their HR depts with survey and response management.

Yes, if you select that option. Refer to the 3 levels on offer above.

The short answer is yes… Because the classes are interactive and require participation for full learning. That said, I understand that life (kids) happen and sometimes a staff member can’t make it. The calls are recorded but must be watched prior to the next session as the modules are staggered and delivered in that order intentionally.


The content is powerful and delivered in an order that best supports it being received safely and comprehensibly.

In addition, the information builds on itself, so jumping in and out would cause unnecessary confusion.

Assuming it’s before they’ve received any of the content, you are welcome to gift their spot to someone else.

Absolutely, this is at your discretion. Some companies are happy for me to just take the group, and some prefer to have an internal liaison present to monitor participation and question-themes as we go.

Some managers have supervised the program for various groups of staff up to 6 times and the feedback is that they were never bored and learned something new on every round…!

Absolutely – this is actually quite popular and I love seeing past participants back in the training room 🙂

More testimonials to warm your heart….

Sarah is great and the course is much better than i expected.

Loving the personal development journey I'm on. I feel like even though I am performing professionally, I am unlocking a new level of potential.

The examples/stories provided in the trainings give relevance and help illustrate the story. They provide additional context and have helped with my understanding of the content.

I can slow down and listen to myself now!

I’ve lost 8lbs and even my boss has noticed how much less anxious I am!

Feedback – I would like more 1-1 sessions with Sarah 🙂

Sarah has been amazing for me both personally and professionally

Sarah is incredible and looking forward to being a better employee, wife, mum and better me!

This has been an amazing opportunity and I am grateful to have been included. I know a lot of other staff members would greatly appreciate being included in the future.

Great experience so far!

I would like to speak with Sarah on a frequent basis, once a month please 🙂

The coaching sessions with Sarah have been amazing as each coaching session reinforced the content and refreshed my memory of what I can do/should do.

This has really benefitted me and given me a stronger mindset!

Really loving this course, and am so happy we invested in this, it’s different, and more focused on our personal wellbeing which in turn improves our overall performance in life as a whole. Love it.

Great insights. There will be many avenues to follow up and work on personally post course.

Amazing, thank you for investing this time and resources into my personal development!

Sarah has been amazing and cannot wait for the next part of development and my second session with her 🙂

It would be great to get more of these sorts of courses!

I would love to keep the recordings for an extended period of time so that I can go back and reflect again!