Top 3 questions people ask a lifecoach

1. What’s your schtick?’

I show people how to change their brain so that they can think, feel and do things they’ve always wanted. I help them overcome confusion and procrastination so that they can move forward. I help them access courage to do new things by changing the way their brain perceives threat, and I help eliminate psychological blind spots by exposing their egoic tricks and patterns.

The reason this works is what you get in life is a direct reflection of what your brain will accept and what your nervous system can tolerate.

Want more wealth but spent your whole life struggling?

Gotta get the system to take it on.

Want healthy relationships but spent your whole life protecting yourself?

Gotta get the system to take them on.

Want to conquer a major life goal but spent your whole life shrinking, hiding and prioritizing others?

Gotta get the system to take on the new state.

Getting ANYTHING in life sustainably requires a brain adjustment.

I adjust brains.

2. How do you *actually* change someone?

By using subconscious reprogramming and teaching the client self-directed neuroplasticity.

Who you currently think you are (and all the habits, behaviors and preferences that go along with that) are just fused neural connections. You have them because a) at some point your brain got the impression they were good/useful, and b) you’ve repeated them so much you’ve worn in a neural-groove for them. Trying to get out of them on your own is like trying to exit a waterslide halfway down. Getting out of them with the help and support of an integrative change-worker is MUCH easier, and surprisingly fast.

I see my private clients 3x a month and provide unlimited voicemail support in-between so that they’re not left alone with their breakthroughs; they’re actually held through the implementation.

With my corporate training clients, I teach the most awesome, mind-blowing shit in group sessions, and I see all participants for private sessions in-between to make sure the information is not just going in, but being applied to their specific, personal life challenges.

Changing someone in a coaching session is not a bunch of motivational platitudes.

I’m not interested in hyping you up; in fact, being adjusted often feels ‘rough as guts’, as we say in New Zealand 😉

Coaching is targeted neuroscience with tangible results you can FEEL.

3. Is it expensive?

Not compared to the ROI.

My clients have started their dream business and secured millions in venture capital.

They’ve lost hundreds of pounds of fat without sacrificing what they love.

They’ve found self-esteem through actually achieving the goals that were meaningful to THEM, like writing books and quitting soul-sucking jobs to travel around the world.

They’ve made massive career changes and leapt to international demand within months.

They’ve traded being treated like garbage and working all the hours God sends to tripling their income and having their work on a billboard in Times Square.

They’ve conquered debilitating anxiety, married their soulmates and launched successful businesses before they were even old enough to have industry-cred.

Upgrade your question.

Rather than ‘what does it cost?’ Try asking ‘what do I get?’

Try asking ‘If I had done this a year ago where might I be today?’

Try asking ‘What is it worth to me to actually live my dreams?’

I take private clients and groups, and also
offer my trainings in corporate environments.