/ˈseərə/. /ˈserə/.

Generalist Life-Coach currently focused on teaching people Emotional Flexibility because better relationships, happier people, fewer trolls, and intelligent communication could save the world.

Have you ever wanted to do something but didn’t feel confident or sure enough?

Have you ever thought that thinking and feeling differently sounds either impossible or too hard?

Have you ever felt frustrated because you’re  too smart to be stuck where you are?

Have you ever been so caught up in the daily routine of ‘shoulds’ and ‘have-tos’ that you can’t find the time or confidence to make important changes?

If so… Getting a coach is your best next step.

Here's why:

Coaching makes new things in your life possible and actionable by
changing the
way your brain receives and responds to your environment.

This means that things you previously couldn’t get yourself to act
on become as
easy as breathing.

“Sarah changed my life in the span of just a 3-month program. I don’t even know where to begin
when it comes to the journey I was able to go on because of the support and guidance Sarah provided me.”

Coaching also involves teaching YOU self-directed neuroplasticity
so that after the coaching contract is over, you will have the power to
make changes in your life and your brain anytime you want!

“I never could have imagined the deep reprogramming work we would do, and the number
of doors in my mind that we were going to open up. From traumas to learning about
boundaries. From embracing emotions to tapping into my core.

My clients are incredibly smart, accomplished professionals, who
typically struggle with getting something in their lives shifted, improved or
launched. It’s never an issue of intelligence or capability; it comes down
to getting your nervous system and your core programming on board.

“Working with Sarah has completely changed my life! She gave me the tools and awareness to understand
myself and how my coding shapes and limits my decisions. If not for my work with Sarah, I would never have been
brave enough to take that very scary first
step. My programming would have stopped
me at every turn and I would still feel stuck in my old life.”

The human body is wired for survival, not happiness. This means
that having the life you actually want won’t just ‘happen’.
You have to choose it and create it intentionally.

“In less than a year of working with Sarah I had a total mindset shift, dropped 100 lbs without exercise
or a diet plan. Everything moved to a state of ease and when I have stressful moments or challenges
I now have tools to deal with them. In fact, because of my mindset shift I no longer
see most things as challenges or stressful.

Getting coaching is simple: Request a complimentary discovery
call here to meet over Zoom and see if my coaching and communication
style is a fit. When you’re ready to proceed you can choose a package
to best fit your plans and schedule.

“Not only did I get so much support, I also learned how VALUABLE support is. Coming from being
extremely self-sufficient and independent, I never knew how amazing it would feel to have someone really be there
for you in a healthy way when you need it the most.”


I take private clients and groups, and also
offer my trainings in corporate environments.